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Investment Management

Our Investment Management services cater to both domestic and international investors, including family offices and trusts. Entrust us with the acquisition of significant individual properties or the strategic development of an extensive real estate portfolio. Tailored to your investment goals, we identify optimal investment opportunities, providing a seamless 'one-stop-shop' experience from acquisition to ongoing monitoring and enhancement of your investment.


Acquisition Management

Our Acquisition Management involves early identification of high-potential real estate through our market network, detailed valuations, and diligent due diligence. We streamline the purchase process, from structuring and coordination to financing and negotiations, ensuring a smooth closing that aligns with your interests.


Post-acquisition Services

Our Post-acquisition Services guarantee that the fulfillment of acquisition objectives is meticulously managed beyond signing. We oversee every detail, from notary and legal support to land registry and tax processes, ensuring document handover and property transition, including keys and contracts. We also maintain clear communication with tenants and handle the final settlement, leaving nothing to chance.


Asset Management

Our Asset Management aligns with your investment goals, advancing the interests of all stakeholders while enhancing income and streamlining expenses. Collaborating with financial and legal experts, we manage legal matters, compile annual financial reports, and ensure compliance with all regulatory requirements.


Property Management

Efficient Property Management at GRED encompasses rigorous contract administration, strategic tenant placement, and diligent financial oversight, along with comprehensive property communication and maintenance operations. Our seasoned team, armed with advanced software tools, ensures that every aspect of property management is executed with expertise, from adherence to legal mandates to insurance and work supervision, aiming for excellence in tenant satisfaction and property performance.


Real Estate Development

Real Estate Development at GRED involves a strategic blend of innovative planning and execution. We identify and transform development opportunities into profitable ventures, leveraging market insights and sustainability practices. Our dedicated team works meticulously on project conception, design, and construction, ensuring timely delivery and quality outcomes for investors and communities alike.

Customer testimonials

Real Voices, Real Success: Client Experiences with GRED

„Since partnering with GRED, our investment portfolio has not only grown significantly but also become much more resilient. Their expertise and detailed approach to the German real estate market is truly unparalleled.“

Tarek Hariri, CEO

HG Property One

„GRED’s insight into the market and their dedication to client success have been a game changer for our investments. Their team's ability to navigate complex situations is impressive.“

Bernard Gerdy, CEO

DSS Holding

„GRED is a reliable landlord for our community college in Mülheim an der Ruhr.“

Frank Mendack

Real Estate Commissioner.

"Collaborating with GRED is consistently an enriching experience.Their professionalism, swift execution, and profound grasp of real estate dynamics consistently yield outstanding outcomes."

Eckhard Brockhoff, founder and CEO

Brockhoff GmbH, largest commercial broker in germany

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What kind of real estate opportunities does GRED provide?

GRED's primary focus is on small to medium-sized commercial and light industrial properties, typically mixed-use and multi-tenant properties with offices and storage space, as well as selected retail and residential properties. 

What makes GRED an expert in the German commercial real estate market?

The GRED team includes people with many years of experience in the real estate market in various roles such as managing directors, consultants, investors, portfolio holders, asset managers, facility managers, janitors, and even an efficient team of craftsmen. This unique composition of different cultures provides unique opportunities for the discovery of market opportunities and the sustainable, above-average, successful development of investments.

What kind of returns can I expect from GRED investments?

GRED's investment approach is discerning and leverages an extensive network to acquire "off-market" opportunities. Our strategy varies with each project: we unearth undervalued properties, swiftly fill vacancies with our expertise, uncover hidden potential through proactive development, or reimagine existing structures. Additionally, we implement bespoke legal and tax frameworks, coupled with strategic purchasing and asset management, to deliver superior project outcomes.

Does GRED offer its services to third parties?

Certainly, GRED provides specialized construction and renovation services within the realm of real estate development to external clients, showcasing our commitment to enhancing property value across the board.